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Notecards - 10 per pack - $8.00

Enclosure Cards/ Gift Tags - 20 per pack - $8.00

Business Cards - 25 - $8.50
Business Cards - 50 - $15
Business Cards - 100 - $25

Address Labels - 30 per sheet - $2.00

Any Round and Large Rectangle Stickers or Seals - Number depending on size of sticker - $2.50 per sheet

Waterproof Round 2 1/2 inch Stickers - $3.00 per sheet

Cardstock Invitations with envelopes-
4.25 x 5.5 - $.65 each;
5.25 x 8.10 - $.85 each

Matte Invitations with envelopes-
4.25 x 5.5 - $.80 each;
5.25 x 8.10 - $1.00 each

Glossy Invitations with envelopes-
4.25 x 5.5 - $.95 each;
5.30 x 8.20 - $1.15 each

Monogramming - $7 per hoop
Applique - $12 per hoop
(**At your own risk!!** Problems can always occur with monogramming. These machines sometimes have a mind of their own. I cannot be held responsible for replacing your items if there is a problem. Thank you for understanding.)

Monogrammed Burp Cloths, Onesies, Bibs - $8
Appliqued Burp Cloths, Onesies, Bibs - $15

Monogrammed Tea Towels - $8
Appliqued Tea Towels - $15

Baby's First Sippy Cup - $10

Luggage Tags - $5 each

Vinyl Letters - $3 each

Other Personalized Gifts are available! Please ask or view Facebook to see samples!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do It Cute on Facebook

I will continue to try my best to post invitations here on blogspot. But Facebook has become my main source for Do It Cute website. Please check Facebook out! Even if you are not a Facebook member you can still visit my page. Please email me if you have any questions or want to place an order! Remember, if you don't see something you like I can custom make something for you!

Thanks so much! Have a blessed day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cow Print Birthday Invitation

New Waterproof Stickers

These stickers are 2 1/2 inch round. I can create any design! These are perfect for waterbottles, cups, cupcake toppers, etc for birthday parties!

Luau Birthday Invitation

Purple Polka Dot Birthday Invitation

With Matching Address Labels

Peace Sign Birthday Invitation

With Matching Address Labels

Gold Damask Print Bridal Shower

New Gift Tag Stickers

Instead of using Enclosure Cards, you can use 2x4 inch stickers!

Cowboy Birthday Invitation

With Matching Party Favor Stickers

Elmo Birthday Invitation

Mardi Gras Baby Shower Invitation

Campfire Birthday Invitation

Palm Tree Beach Bridal Shower

Dora and Diego Train Birthday Invitation

Black and Red Damask Bridal Shower Invitation

Brown, Blue and Green First Birthday Milestone Invitation

Zebra and Fleur De Lis Graduation Invitation

With Matching Address Labels and Envelope Seals

Orange and Pink First Birthday Milestone Invitation

With Matching Thank You Cards, Gift Enclosures, Cupcake Toppers, and Party Favor Stickers

Collage Christmas Photo Card

Boy and Girl Twin Baby Shower Invitation

Created to Match the Babys' Bedding

Pink and Green Baby Shower Invitations

Pink and Brown Baby Shower Invitations

Zebra and Pink Baby Shower Invite

50th Birthday Invitation - Mardi Gras Colors

With Matching Address Labels

Train Birthday Invitation

With Matching Address Labels, Thank You Notes, Party Favor Tags, and Appliqued Shirt

Princess Tea Party Invitation

Wrestling Birthday Invitation

First Birthday Photo Milestone Invitation

First Birthday Photo Milestone Invitation

With Matching Address Labels

Monkey Birthday Invitation

With Matching Thank You Notes

Prince Birthday Invitation

Girl Owl Birthday Invitation

With Matching Notecards and Gift Tags

Which Gender Baby Shower

Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation

With Matching Address Labels and Envelope Seals

Football Field Birthday Invitation

Houndstooth Wedding Shower Invite

Houndstooth Baby Shower Invitations

With Matching Thank You Notes and Address Labels

Photo Montages

A Photo Montage is great for preserving memories on a DVD. It is a perfect choice for presenting still photos and/or recorded video scenes at a wedding rehearsal or reception, a birthday party, sporting banquets, as an anniversary gift, Mother’s/ Father’s Day gift, remembering vacations or a belated loved one, and much more. You provide the pictures, choose the songs, and we will provide everything else to help save your memories forever.

Digital Photos - $1.00 x Photo
Scanned Photo - $1.50 x Photo
Recorded Videos - $3.00 x Scene

1 DVD - Free
Additional Copies of Video - $5.00 each
Addition Videos using same
pictures, different music - $5.00 each
Titles - Free
Menu Selection with Picture - Free
Songs - Free
Custom Label - Free
Photo Retouching & Cropping - Free
Caption with Pictures - Free

If you have any questions or would like us to create a video for this special time in your life, please contact us at least two weeks in advance. We look forward to creating a video to hold on to your lasting memories.

*If you would like to see a sample video, please email us and we will email or mail you a sample. Thanks!!

A Special Thanks

I hope to one day in the near future create my own applique designs but until that day comes, I want thank some great websites where I have purchased applique designs from: